History In The Making

Shenandoah's hull designs by Theodore Ferris

Theodore Ferris planned Shenandoah in meticulous detail

It is one thing to be able to buy luxury – it is quite another to own a precious piece of history.

Owning Shenandoah is to be the custodian of glorious slice of maritime history. That is why one Italian industrialist has spent a fortune restoring the ship’s former glory and welcoming her to the heart of his family’s life.

Shenandoah was born in one of the 20th Century’s most glamorous eras. She has survived two World Wars. She has welcomed on board the world’s most powerful families, international royalty and her fair share of smugglers and gamblers. She has raced across oceans and circumnavigated the globe many times.

“She has, in a word, lived.”

Shenandoah under sail at Cowes during the America's Cup Jubilee celebrations

Shenandoah under sail is a majestic sight

She has also faced dereliction and neglect. She was lost to the world before being saved by one of the most successful entrepreneurs ever. She has, in a word, lived. And she has been loved. Not just for her renowned elegance but for her supreme handling on the water. That is why Shenandoah is one of the finest yachts sailing today.