Return To Former Glories

Captain Joe, in all his glory, at he helm of Shenandoah

Captain Joe, in all his glory, at the helm of Shenandoah

The moment the contract was signed – and before he spent a fortune restoring the yacht to its former glory – Bich performed what he considered his most important task.

He changed the ship’s name back to the original Shenandoah. Bich believed that once you name a yacht, that name should remain forever. Then, under his ownership and the the guidance of a Corsican ‘Old Salt’ called Captain Joe, a full renovation was undertaken according to the original plans of the ship’s designer, Theodore Ferris – much to the delight of the Fahnestock family.

“…once you name a yacht, that name should remain forever.”

The hull was stripped, bilges and bulkheads painted, below-deck panelling was taken down and varnished. The hull was lined with cork for insulation and the topsides were painted blue. She was re-rigged as she was when launched except the top masts and mizzen boom were shortened. New Dacron sails were made and new diesel engines were installed.

At last Shenandoah had been returned to her former splendour and she remained a much loved member of the Bich family for 14 years, eventually being run as a charter yacht by Marcel’s son, Francois.