She’s Like A Five Star Hotel

Philip Bommer, one of the lucky owners of Shenandoah

Philip Bommer

The fond reminiscences of passengers tell the story better than anything.

One former captain, Jean Paul Charpentier, kept a scrapbook of thank you notes from some of the many guests he looked after during the 1970s and 80s. “The Shenandoah was like a five-star hotel”, he says. And one passenger from those halcyon years agreed, making special mention of the service from the permanent 10-man crew.

The sumptuously restored main saloon on Shenandoah in the 1980s

The sumptuously restored main saloon

Restrained and polished elegance in the main stateroom of Shenandoah during the 1980s

Restrained and polished elegance in the main stateroom

“We can see from the daily routines that you still keep the brass like in the old days.”

Stephane Desjonquers, who joined the ship in Gaudeloupe is recorded as saying, “This is professionalism at its best. You forget completely that you are with people who are responsible for the ship. The crew are always available for our own personal needs and you almost forget that they are sailing the ship as well.”

Bonnie and Clive Chajet, residents of Park Avenue, New York, were so impressed, they wrote the following, “If we could fit you in a museum we would put you in it – because as many people as possible should appreciate you.” High praise indeed.

Shenandoah has always provided ample space for her fortunate guests to enjoy fine weather

Relaxing in the sunshine