The Superyacht TransAt Race: Atlantic Squalls And South For Winter

A message in a bootle being 'posted' in the mid-Atlantic from the deck of the Shenandoah

Heave-Ho! There goes the message in a bottle

Mid-Atlantic Squalls

Evening all at the end of what has been a momentous day’s sailing.  Loads happening on the Big Brother Shenandoah schooner so I didn’t check in yesterday but here’s all the news updates from me and team.

 Sailing news. Well, the mizzen sail is back in the room, as is the foresail. The fore was put straight back up as soon as it was re-stitched and we kept our powder dry on the mizzen until the wind was suitable.

We’ve got all the toys up at the moment except for the Jib-topsail and are going on nicely thank you very much.

“We’ve got all the toys up at the moment…”

We had our first flying fish of the trip this morning gliding through the air only to find his landing pad a little harder and dryer than expected. We got him back in the drink and no loss of life ensued. Not much going on in the sea of late. It must be the electric pace we’re setting.

Jesse has put quite a lot of work in his ‘message in a bottle’ a bottle of 43 rum to be exact, although he assures us he didn’t down the contents before filling it with paper. Check out the action shot of him giving it the heave ho! Over the side, although as someone pointed out, he’d have been better flinging it overboard in sight of land for more immediate results!

That’s all folks ! Will

Heading South For Winter

Unfortunately we’ve run out of time, well, we couldn’t make the finish line before the cut off and we’ve had to retire the race. Nevertheless we made it most of the way across before we decided to alter course south and head for Antigua, our Christmas destination!

A map tracking the progress of the Shenandoah during the Superyacht Trans-Atlantic Race in 2012

Tracking progress – we nearly made it

Thanks for following and fair winds to all.

Will Jones Out!